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What 28 Acts Of Love Taught Me About Love

Right when you purpose to try and be a certain kind of person, life happens – for no other reason other than to test your limits and stretch your sense of humour. Am I right?

Like the guy who cut me off in traffic on the day I was to bring a smile to someone’s face.
Or the day I went to donate food to the food bank and my kids were melting down because they were “starving.”

It’s been an interesting 28 days of love.

I have laughed.
I have cried.
I have learned.

Love takes work. Love takes focus. Love requires habit. But love is contagious.

We love because he first loved us.

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4 Things I Learned From 3 Olympic Sisters

The entire world is watching the Olympics. This is not breaking news. So I’m sure everyone and their dog has heard about the Dufour-Lapointe sisters who dominated in the freestyle moguls – two of them claiming gold and silver, and the third placing top 12.

Watching them compete mesmerized me.

Their strength of speed.
Their strength of technique.
Their strength of posture.

But no one could have prepared me for the inspiring words of Maxine. Her strength of character said this: “There’s no rivalry. It’s about values and how you support each other.”

Maxine reminded me that success is not about the pathway to perfection, it’s about the process of your progress. Someone give her a medal for THAT.

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28 Acts Of Love

Love is not just about feeling, it’s about choice.
It’s not just something you say, but something you do
It’s not just something you feel with emotion, but something you live with devotion
It’s not just something you practice at convenience, but something you purpose through commitment.

It’s February. The month of love. The appearance of love is everywhere. But is the depth?

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