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The Facebook Version of Our Lives Is Not The Real, Better or Only Version

If I went about my days with a pocket-sized mirror dangling in front of my face, I’m betting I would reflect way more expressions than just a smile. But these faces don’t make for very cute profile pictures now do they? Best foot forward, right?

But we must remember, there are two sides to every story.

Every FACE smiles and cries.
Every BOOK has conflict and a happily every after.

The Facebook version of our lives is not the real, better, or only version.

The imperfection of life IS what makes it perfect. The ebb and flow IS the beauty. The struggle IS what makes us stronger. The smiles, the tears, the good, the bad, the cute AND the crap are all equally important because you need both sides of the story to have a really great book.

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Why Are We So Afraid To Embrace the Different? Part 1

It’s the eye contact that lingers a little too long, the hug that squeezes a little too hard, the handshake that practically rips your arm off, the pause that befalls a conversation where we feel the need to say, “Anyhow…” It’s that fake sentence that has become a greeting rather than a question: “Hi, how are you?” “Good thanks, how are you?”

But nowhere in scripture do I see: love your neighbour only if they act, think, look, dress, hug, talk, live, parent, eat, believe…. and obey social cues… exactly like you.

We’ve taken warmth and affection and put a time limit on it. We’ve taken a heart felt question and turned it into a sterile greeting. We’ve taken the beautiful silence in conversation (and never mind life in general) and labeled it as awkward – as ‘space’ that needs to be filled with token spew. So much so, that anything outside of these unspoken social cues and parameters are quickly label as different. Or strange. Or weird.

Why are we so afraid to embrace what’s different?

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Why Do We Wait Till It’s Too Late To Tell People How We Feel?

As I was walking out of her bedroom last week I stopped in the doorway, turned around, looked at her beautiful face and said, “You know I love you, right? Do you realize how much you inspire me?” She winked and said, “Do you know how much I love YOU?” I walked back to her, kissed her on the head again and said, “See you next Thursday.”

Today is Monday. Her funeral is Thursday. In a way I really am going to see her, it just isn’t in the way I thought.

It’s got me thinking… there are a lot of people in my life that I love, that inspire me, and who make me a better person. I mistakenly think I have a lifetime to tell them. How foolish of a thing for me to believe.

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