Projects & Books

Listed below is a wide collection of projects geared to helping you deepen your faith. Whether it’s a book, a blog post, a podcast, a song, a conversation, a story or a devotion … each thought, word and melody was composed with the messy intersections of faith, life and culture in mind. I encourage you to grab a coffee, pull up a chair and spend some time exploring. And as you do, I pray you feel greatly compelled to deepen your pursuit of Him.

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Making Space

Carving Out Time For God In The Midst Of Your Busy Life

With a million things to do and not enough hours in the day to get it done, it's easy to zone out and slip into autopilot in order to survive. But perhaps life is not about adding more things to your already lengthy list, but rather, about pausing in the midst of it all to consider if what you're doing is really important.

Eyes Wide Open

Seeing God in Your Everyday Moments

This ebook is an invitation for you to pursue the seemingly insignificant moments of your life with your eyes wide open. Discover how, when and where, you can experience God in the most unlikely of places, at the most unlikely of times and through the unlikeliest of people.

Conversations To Have

Be Brave Enough To Start Conversation That Matters

This ebook encourages you to ask honest questions, explore meaningful conversation and foster safe community around you where opinions can be expressed, questions can be unburdened, life perspectives can be voiced and faith journeys can be shared.

Grab A Coffee, Pull Up A Chair And Explore

The following articles are for you to read, think through, share and talk about.
Each collection is based on a different way you explore time with God.

Whether it’s prayer, scripture reading, quotes, timely inspiration or real-life circumstances and
stories, each category and each article can be used as a resource for your alone time, one-on-one
conversations with a friend, or for community gatherings and small group discussion.

Prayers To Pray

Experiencing God through prayer, moments of reverence and moments of reflection.

80 posts in this collection.

The Word To Say

Experiencing God through scripture and in the words you read and the thoughts you believe.

55 posts in this collection.

Truth To Hear

Experiencing God through thoughts, inspiration and insight that challenge your perspectives.

183 posts in this collection.

Stories To Share

Experiencing God through people, places and seemingly insignificant spaces.

105 posts in this collection.

The CK Collective Podcast

Prefer audio? Check out The CK Collective Podcast.  More episodes will be released as each collection of Collecting Moments – Season One – is released.  Subscribe using your favorite podcast tool to follow along.

The Blog

For thoughts on the messy intersections of faith, life and culture, browse the blog here.