Hi, I’m Cindy.

About Me.

I never used to think of my gift of gab as a, “gift”.

For a large part of my life, my need to talk with people, ask probing questions and point out the big elephants in the room, always managed to land me in a boat load of trouble rather than serve to help me.

But when a friend once said, “You aren’t afraid to talk about hard and awkward things and people need more of that in their lives,” I was finally able to see how God could use this “gift.”

Since that day, God has turned every area of my life into an opportunity for conversation. Whether it’s through songwriting, blogging, podcasting, authoring, speaking, or real-life conversations, my greatest passion is to inspire and challenge this generation to live a faith that is honest, relevant and contagious. And I whole-heartedly believe faith in action is what changes the world.

I could have never imagined God would lead me to speakwritetalksinghang out and curate conversation with anyone interested in exploring the messy intersections of faith, life and culture, but I’m so grateful He did.

When I’m not hanging out with my three favorite boys, you can find me trying to keep squirrels out of my house and deer out of my backyard (totally serious about this). You can also find me co-curating for ConfrontingNormal.com — an online community for those confronting what the church and culture tells them is normal, and serving as co-founder for RedCarpetLife.com — a community for those putting love into action—1 day of service, 4 times a year.

I also love puns. And chocolate. And cheesy jokes. And dad humor. And Americanos. And Famoso pizza.

I’m a recovering Type 1 on the Enneagram, an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs and I’ve been told I hug a lot—which I think is a compliment, ha!

And I think that about sums me up. Thanks for stopping by!