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Collecting Moments

Because We’re All Collecting Something

An ongoing series helping you see and experience God in your everyday moments.

What Is Collecting Moments?

Compiled of 10 collections (released monthly), each collection in this series—made up of ebooks, podcasts, music and more—helps people see and experience God through the unlikely people, places and moments of their lives, helping them to build a beautiful collection of meaningful moments with Him.

Questions, Collections & My Bedroom Floor

I used to think you had to get faith right.

Pray + read your Bible + worship + go to church + volunteer + trust and believe + share your faith + do and be good + love people = right faith. Right?

I lived like this Sunday after Sunday, conference after conference, retreat after retreat, devotional plan after devotional plan, book after book and small group after small group for years … until I snapped. And by snap I mean, I crashed hard on my bedroom floor and asked four very important questions out loud to myself:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What’s this all for?
  • How did faith become so dull, draining and monotonous?
  • Do I even believe this stuff anymore?

If being and doing everything right “for Jesus” leads to indifference and burn out, is it really right? Is it even faith?

Somewhere along the way I forgot why I called myself a Christian.
Somewhere along the way I got caught up with duty, habit and performance.
Somewhere along the way I began collecting all the wrong reasons for faith.
And somewhere along the way, sadly, I lost Jesus.

So a humble journey began…

Unlikely Places, Simple Ways & Everyday Moments

God began peeling away the layers of my soul that were cluttered with rules and responsibility. He began revealing the lies I was storing as truth. He began replacing my anger and frustrations with joy and peace. And He began shining light on the fact that my faith had become more about mindless monotony than meaningful moments.

This journey led me to see, hear, and experience Him in ways I never dreamed possible, in the everyday moments of my life.

I was reminded that He is everywhere, in everything, in everyone, and He desires to reveal Himself in the most unlikely of places, the simplest of ways, and through the unlikeliest of people.

He is patiently waiting to be in relationship with anyone willing to capture and collect beautiful moments with Him.

Welcome to Season One, Collecting Moments
Because We’re All Collecting Something

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Collection ONE

Eyes Wide Open – an eBook “Seeing God In Your Everyday Moments” Available NOW

Collection TWO

Coming February 2018

Collection ONE > An ebook

Eyes Wide Open

This ebook is an invitation to pursue the seemingly insignificant moments of your life with your eyes wide open. Discover how, when and where you can experience God in the most unlikely of places, at the most unlikely of times and through the unlikeliest of people.

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Collection TWO > COMING SOON

It’s one thing to notice moments, but it’s an entirely different thing to capture them. Stay tuned for Collection Two, to be released soon.

Release Date: February 2018

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Think of a Season Pass to CindyKeating.com in the same way you would think of a season pass to your favorite ski resort or rec center. Your 1-year membership grants you access to everything this site has to offer in one easy payment. This year’s theme is titled “Collecting Moments” and every collection released in this season (10 in total) is geared to helping you see and experience God in your everyday life. The Season Pass includes a ton of exclusive content ahead of public release, as well as a weekly devotional, never-before-seen/heard content and interviews, and private access to the closed Facebook group: CK Collective. You’ll also receive free downloads to extra content and resources available through the term of your subscription.

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I think so! I pour my heart, soul and hundreds of hours into every piece of material I create and curate.  Your support means I can continue to serve you as I strive to assemble material that challenges you and your faith, and helps you apply it to your life. The Season Pass was created with a response to this question in mind, “How can I create more value for the reader?”

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Memberships run on a 1-year model basis. Which means, from the time of your purchase to the exact date the following year, your membership will provide you access to all content released from this website.  The Collecting Moments season runs on the calendar year (Jan-Dec), but if you subscribe mid season your membership will just roll forward into the next season.

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This group is an online space—a private Facebook group—where Cindy will post words of encouragement, scripture, pictures, thoughts and questions for discussion in a safe and friendly place. It’s a community for anyone wanting to be challenged and encouraged in their faith in an everyday way.

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