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See God In The Beauty That Is Your Life

What Might You Notice?

This ejournal is an invitation for you to engage with your life and learn from it. Everyday, for 20 days, this journal will help you notice details— details in scripture, details in the world, details in your life, and details going on around you. Cause what would happen if you paused throughout your days to see God in the beauty that is your life? What might you Notice?

… to pay attention … to observe … to take note … to
become aware of … to perceive … to see … to discern … to
spot … to remark … to behold … and to regard.

How To Use Notice

Notice is an interactive journal. Meaning, it’s not just something to read and follow along with, it’s an invitation to engage with your life and learn from it.

Everyday for 20 days I want you to notice details.

Details in scripture.
Details in the world.
Details in your life.
And details going on around you.

The 20 chapters are broken into 20 days, with seven sections, filled with reminders, scripture, insight and questions challenging you to notice:

  • How miracles in the Bible apply to your life.
  • How quotes spoken from other wise leaders can inspire you.
  • How seeing beauty in the world can create more awe in your life.
  • And how taking note of the seemingly insignificant details of your daily life can create more wonder and appreciation for, in, and throughout your day-to-day.

The deeper you go, the more details you’ll notice. It’s all up to you.

The Seven Sections

Section 1 — Daily Inspiration

Each day features a quote from a thought leader or world changer sharing their wise words and inspiring perspectives with the world. Take note. Imagine the lives they have lived for
them to discover such insight. And notice how you too, through your life story and perspective, have inspiring words to share with the world, as well.

Section 2 — Daily Story

Each day features a miracle story from the Bible reminding us of how Jesus walked this earth. And while it’s easy to read these stories and be amazed by God’s display of power and majesty, it’s also easy to forget how these miracle stories speak to our own lives. The questions that follow these stories are meant to draw your attention to the parallels between your life and the story. As you read about the miracle, position your heart in faith, and trust that the God of the Bible is still the same miraculous God today.

Section 3 — Daily Focus

Scripture is more about pondering and giving it permission to transform you than it is about reading. Each daily focus is meant to give you something to meditate on throughout the
entirety of your day. Think about the verse. Talk about it. Write it down. Memorize it. Either way, choose to sip on it as much as you would water, or any other favorite beverage.

Section 4 — Daily Action

The daily action section is an opportunity for you to notice the details of the world around you. Whether it’s color, weather, pictures, people, or places, this is chance for you to get interactive with your surroundings and take notice of the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how. The insight in this section is a call to action. What will you notice?

Section 5— Daily Appreciation

There are probably a million little details about your life that you don’t even notice. And you can’t notice them, never mind appreciate them, because you’re not even thinking about them. So … that’s where a section like this comes in. By having someone else suggest something to notice, it will draw your attention and awareness to the details you might otherwise walk on by: the window you look out every morning, the door you walk though every night, the habits you hold, the story you have and the lessons you’ve learned. All around you are a million little details just waiting to be discovered. This section will take you there.

Section 6 — Daily Reflection

What good is a book about noticing without an opportunity to reflect? The daily reflection section is a challenge for you to write down what it is you’re learning. What did the Bible story teach you? Why did the quote inspire you? How is the power of that simple verse transforming your mind? And what new detail of your life did you notice? There is so much beauty to
be found in recognizing what is awakening in your heart, mind and soul, and this section is the place to notice and note it.

Section 7— Daily Wonder

I bet you’ve never thought to Google Zhangye Danxia Landform, China, or Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska, or Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. How can you Google something you’ve never heard of, you didn’t know existed, and you couldn’t begin to spell even if you wanted to? And that’s precisely what the daily wonder section is all about! I will refrain from giving away any more of treasures (you’ll have to wait to discover those inside), but trust me, God is an incredible artist! This section is a chance for you to notice and be blown away by His magnificence, too.

So there you have it.

20 days.
7 ways.
20 daily opportunities.
To discover.
To think.
To pray.
To ponder.
To be detailed.
To be thorough.
To be present.
To be aware.

To allow yourself to be lost in awe … wonder … reverence … amazement … and the beauty that is your life.


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