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She was born on Jan. 17th.

Round little nose.
Tiny little fingers.
Blush coloured skin.
Soft wispy hair.

Mercy May Connie has made my posse a total of 9 – 4 beautiful nieces, 5 gorgeous nephews… and yes, all 9 of them are the cutest kids around.

But I couldn’t stop staring at her… because I couldn’t stop thinking… so this is what mercy looks like.

I pictured Erin driving her kids to school. mercy walked into the classroom…
I pictured Kev coaching his kid’s soccer teams. mercy walked onto the field…
I pictured Erin & Kev inviting their neighbours over for a BBQ. mercy gave her new friends a hug…

Erin & Kev brought Mercy into this world, and now everywhere they go, they will forever bring the miracle of mercy with them.

It’s got me thinking… shouldn’t that be said of all of us?

When I go for coffee with a friend – I bring grace.
When I go about my grocery shopping – I bring love.
When I visit my Doctor – I bring goodness.
When I hang out with my neighbours – I bring hope.
When I volunteer in my son’s class – I bring kindness.
When I deal with my children on a daily basis – I bring mercy.

And when Erin & Kev get all old and wrinkly, they will leave behind a beautiful legacy because they will have blessed the world with Mercy and mercy.

Shouldn’t that also be said of all of us?

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

~Psalm 23:6

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