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Depression, Genuine Community & The Look Of Hope

The whole Robin Williams thing has taken the Internet by storm, but it’s not just a Robin Williams thing. Depression is an on-going battle for many people.

It could be your neighbour.
It could be a family member.
It could be a newcomer sitting right next to you in church this coming Sunday morning.
It could be you.

If we are to be the type of community the Bible asks us to be – which is the body of Christ – then this topic affects us all. If we are to be the type of Christians Jesus requires of us, then we must lose all forms of judgment and be His hands extended – hands that are full of grace, and mercy, and love, and gentleness, and kindness, and goodness.

We must not let the hype of this topic rise and fall with Robin Williams.

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What Finding Your Type Of Crazy Looks Like

He came for breakfast, and right in the middle of heart-felt conversation one of my favourite quotes flashed through my mind: “Life is about finding people who are your type of crazy.”

For the first time, I understood that quote. I got it. I grasped it. I lived it. I saw it. I heard it. I watched it unfold over quiche and fruit smoothies.

As Bob Goff says, “People grow when they feel accepted,” and finding “your type of crazy” looks a whole lot like that.

So go ahead, find people who are your type of crazy.

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Why Are We Trying To Attain Perfection When It’s Not Even Possible?

Yesterday my son wore Superman’s cape with Spiderman’s body suit with Iron man’s mask. He called himself “All Man!” and it looked ridiculous.

This epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks. “Cindy… this is who YOU try to be and it’s not possible.” I’m not the only one, am I?

Everywhere I look I see people running ragged at lightning speed trying to achieve what’s trending: perfect marriages. Perfect homes. Perfect children. Perfect bodies. Perfect outfits. Perfect careers. Perfect faiths. Perfect questions. Perfect answers. Perfect opinions. Perfect everything!

Is this what life is about?

If what we’re “busy” doing isn’t serving the greater purpose, then what’s it all for?

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A New Take On Summer Must-Haves And Essentials

Everywhere I look I see signs of summer.

Green grass.
Sun shining.
Birds soaring.
Bees buzzing.
Kites flying.

I also see other signs of summer.

Tent Trailers.
Sports cars.
Motor homes.

But before we head into such a bright time of year, perhaps we should re-define “essential” and “must-have.”

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What If We Lived Like Glow Sticks?… Radiating With The Brilliance Of Christ

I’m currently reading Acts.
I barely know what to say about that, other than, ya, I have so much to learn.

Yesterday I read this passage: “At this point everyone in the high council stared at Stephen, because his face became as bright as an angel’s.” ~Acts 6:15

Every day we are each given opportunity to glow. God desires to break each of us, and use us to be a light in the darkness – not for our own glory, but for HIS.

So what is we did just that ? What if we lived like glow sticks?… radiating with the brilliance of Christ…

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Words Kill. Words Give Life. You Choose.

Words can destroy, yes, but they also have the power to give life. The beauty is found in our ability to choose the words we speak and how we receive the ones spoken over us.

Has anyone ever gossiped about you? Said mean or malicious things to you? Lied about you? Lied to you? Labeled you? Judged you?

Have you ever felt poisoned by words?

If you are in relationship with people – of any sorts – chances are, you’ve experienced all of the above. We’re human, and humans say and do hurtful things.

The question is: do you believe them?

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Community: The Foundation Upon Which We Stand So We All Can Soar

Every so often my boys and I get our national geographic on and watch nature shows. Yesterday we watched a documentary about birds. What fascinated me was the way they flew, their artistic formation – it was their togetherness that was beautiful.

The brilliance of the flying V was because each bird played a roll; they fell in line, they led a part, they held a position so that together a beautiful protective shape was formed and displayed for all to see.

Who knew birds could be such an inspiring community.

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Gratitude Can Be Found In The Struggle

These past 31 days have taught me there is a right time for everything: a time for birth, for death, to plant, to reap, to kill, to heal, to destroy, to construct, to cry and to laugh.

Every day has something good in it. Every day provides an awesome opportunity to learn and grow. Every day is beautiful. Every day is important.

But it takes work.

Gratitude is a discipline. It’s a training of the mind, a reprogramming of the brain, a kneading of the heart, and it requires us to unplug from the world and plug into God.

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So This Is What A Life Of Gratitude Looks Like

12 four-year-olds were sporadically chasing after one tiny soccer ball, but there, parked in the middle of the field, was this little girl looking down at the grass. Her mom yelled, “Lacey, what are you doing? Follow the group. Chase the ball. Score a goal.” She replied, “No thanks, mommy. I found a ladybug.”


Gratitude is the ability to see brilliance in the little things when everyone else around you is choosing to run at a rapid pace.

Gratitude is the freedom to break free from the crowd to pursue and define what you deem and value as most important.

Gratitude is a quiet confidence you feel in your soul as you bask in life’s joyful moments amidst the chaos of everything else going on around you.

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