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People willing to do life together – the thick and thin, the good and bad, the happy, the sad, and everything else in between – this is what a strong community looks like.

~Cindy Keating

Every so often my boys and I get our national geographic on and watch nature shows. The Oasis channel brings the world to life and that fascinates me.

Yesterday we watched a documentary about Earth and how animals migrate. I knew it was exciting because my 4-year-old AND my two-year-old were transfixed.

“How do birds know how to do that, mom? How do they not fly into each other?”
“They just instinctively know, little buddy.”

Profound question, right?

Instantly that famous Proverb danced in my thoughts: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Birds know that when the seasons of life change, it’s time to ban together and migrate to where conditions are conducive to their health and growth. They also know to instinctively fly right along side each other heading in the same direction. They do this as a ‘safety in numbers’ tactic. Birds left alone are easy prey to bigger threats.

I realize we’re a more highly evolved species than birds, but uh, perhaps not. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two about the beauty of the flying V.

The formation is found in their togetherness. The brilliance of the look is shaped because each bird leads a roll; they fall in line, they play a part, they hold a position so that together a beautiful protective shape is formed and displayed for all to see. Whodda thunk birds could be such an inspiring community.

So I’ve decided I’m gonna spend one whole month focusing on all the ways my life has community and how I can be community.


So belonging and unity and friendship and fellowship and a sense of togetherness can be the pillars in my day-to-day – so I’m not a lone ranger doing life solo completely exposed to life’s bigger threats… and because I’d love for my life to be part of something bigger and cooler than just myself.

Community: the foundation upon which we stand so we all can soar.

How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!

~ Psalm 133:1

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