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Gratitude: a readiness to speak and show appreciation for the life you’ve been given. A humble acceptance for all that God has blessed you with and entrusted you to care for.”


Have you ever watched four-year-olds play soccer? It’s hilarious. It’s like watching…

  • bees swarm honey
  • women swarm chocolate
  • men swarm BBQs… and hockey games… and hot wings… and nachos…

I witnessed something beautiful last summer as I was watching one of my son’s soccer games.

12 four-year-olds were sporadically chasing after one tiny soccer ball – as if it were a giant bag of candies – but there, parked in the middle of the field, was this little girl looking down at the grass. Her mom yelled, “Lacey, what are you doing? Follow the group. Chase the ball. Score a goal.” She replied, “No thanks, mommy. I found a ladybug.”

Profound. It’s something I will never forget.

How on earth did her sweet little eyes manage to see a ladybug hiding in the grass while running right alongside the circus?

I was reminded of this story while out for a stroll this afternoon with my munchkins.

My older son stopped mid-walk, squatted down to stare into a puddle, and said, “Would you look at that? This little worm is goin’ for a swim.” Lol.

It’s the ability to see brilliance in the little things when everyone else around you is choosing to run at a rapid pace.

It’s the freedom to break free from the crowd to pursue and define what you deem and value as most important.

It’s a quiet confidence you feel in your soul as you bask in life’s joyful moments amidst the chaos of everything else going on around you.

We are in this world, but does that mean we have to play the game? I’d rather be like Lacey.

“This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

~Psalm 118:24

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