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Prayers To Pray

To Become Aware

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“We pray not simply to enjoy the experience of praying, but to communicate with God, to submit to him, to be like him, to love and serve him. To pray is to become aware of God’s Spirit living within us. Through prayer, we explore a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.” –James M. Houston

Lord, look at my soul’s wounds.
Your living and effective eye sees everything.
It pierces like a sword, even to part asunder soul and
Assuredly, my Lord, you see in my soul the traces of my
former sin;
my preset perils, and also motives and occasions for
others you see also.
You see these things, Lord, and I would have you see them.
You know well, O searcher of my heart,
that there is nothing in my soul that I would hide from
even had I the power to escape your eyes…
Lord, may your good, sweet Spirit descend into my
and fashion there a dwelling for himself,
cleansing it from all defilement both of flesh and spirit,
pouring into it the increment of faith, hope and love,
disposing it to penitence and love and gentleness.

Cistercian monk, Aelred of Rievaulx

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