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Be grateful for your mistakes, they can teach you valuable lessons. Be grateful for your troubles, they can become your blessings.

~ Author Unknown

Yesterday was one of those days.

House cleaning.
Grocery shopping.
Piles of dirty dishes.
Phone calls.
Appointment making.
Temper tantrums.

I felt like a chicken with my head chopped off.

So when I placed my last folded towel on the top shelf of my linen closet and all my towels came crashing down… is it any wonder why I slumped to the ground in defeat? I felt it highly appropriate to pick up the white face cloth lying by my head and wave it in the air.

But then…
in perfectly timed fashion…
like only He could do…

God plopped this beautiful flashback into my mind and I had me a big ol’ gratitude epiphany right then and there.

Enter *Catherine.

She and I were matched as big and little with the Big Brother / Big Sister Organization when she was 8. For her birthday I had asked her mom if I could have her over for a special spa day. We were going to dye her hair (wash out), paint her nails, bake cookies and watch a movie. Everything was going as planned until it came time to dye her hair.

I was in the bathroom drawing water and I had asked her to run to the linen closet to grab a couple of towels. She was gone for 10 minutes. When I went to go see where she was, I found her sitting on the floor in front of the closet looking up at the shelves.

“How many towels do you have?”
“Um, I’m not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever counted. Why do you ask?”
“Oh, I was just thinking… it’s only you and Chris who live here but you have more towels than my whole family. You’re so lucky.”

Here I was, ten years later, thinking about that moment as I laid on top of my heaping pile of towels acting as if my “world” had just come crashing down.

See what God did there?

I heard His message loud and clear.

So I got up and counted every single towel. And guess what I discovered? I have 27 things to be grateful for in my linen closet alone.

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