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Truth To Hear

Enough Is Enough. I Am Enough

By March 16, 2017 No Comments

I’ve been mulling over this quote for days. I find it freeing. And inspiring. And deeply meaningful.

It evokes rest.
Makes my shoulders relax.
Allows me to take a deep sigh of relief.
Releases me from having to carry the weight of the world.

There is no need to strive, or perform, or try any harder because I am enough.

And when the world tells me nothing I do is ever enough, I can whole-heartedly say, enough is enough. Because He is enough.

I take limitations in stride.
And with good cheer.
These limitations that cut me down to size,
I just let Christ take over!
And so the weaker I get,
The stronger I become.

2 Corinthians 12:10 (MSG)

“When gratitude and sonship fills your heart, it spills over. Without competition or comparison or insecurity, we are free to bless others. We can tell them how much they matter to God. We don’t have to turn the conversation to us, and we don’t have to grab for the spotlight. We can allow others to succeed without envy because our identity isn’t wrapped up in our achieving. We are God’s children. And that is enough.” -Lance Witt

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