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A Genesis Week

By April 7, 2016 No Comments

I was reading Psalm 51 this week and this sentence struck me in a really cool way: “God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.”

My mind instantly went straight to Genesis 1 where it all began.

God spoke: Light! And light appeared. (3-5)
God spoke: Sky! (6-8)
God spoke: Earth, green up! (11-13)
God spoke: Lights! Come out! Shine in Heaven’s sky! (14-15)
God spoke: Earth, generate life! (24-25)
God spoke: Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature. (26-28)
God looked over everything he had made; it was so good, so very good! (31)

I pray this week is a Genesis week for you. Where there may be sadness and confusion, may God speak “Light!” and shine bright in your darkest places. Where you may feel trapped in a box, stuck in a rut, and caught between a rock and hard place, may God speak, “Sky!” and propel you into wide-open freedom. Where you may feel beat down, dried up, dead inside and cracking under the pressure, may God speak, “Earth, green up! Earth, generate life!” so you come alive with His resurrection power.

May this week be a new beginning for you, full of hope and wonder because your God is so good, He is so very good.

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