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When Adventure Comes Calling

By December 13, 2018 No Comments

Ten years ago I bought a book written by a local author that loved to take road trips. She wasn’t interested in flying halfway across the world in search of adventure; she was interested in exploring her own neighbourhood, her own backyard and her own heart. And her book was about exactly that — adventures one could take within ½ hour, one hour and two hours from one’s front door.

Not only did my family and I love these adventures, but we also loved spending time together as we explored. We loved learning about the amazing things happening in our corner of the world. We loved discovering a love for taking adventures. But mostly, we loved recognizing that adventure really can be in your own backyard and in the unlikely places and spaces of one’s own heart.

I can’t help but think about the many adventures Scripture tells us about:

  • How God led Abraham to a foreign land
  • And He led Zacchaeus up a tree
  • How He asked Esther to lead her people in a history-shaping way
  • And He asked Ruth to follow her mother-in-law
  • How God called Mary to be the mother of the Son of God
  • And how He called Nehemiah to rebuild a wall

What adventure might He be calling you on for today or perhaps this coming New Year?

Whether we’re following a star, crossing the Red Sea, slaying a giant, building an ark, spying out new land or hanging out in the belly of a whale, God’s adventures are about changing us, shaping us and moulding us to be more like Him … and no two adventures look alike and no two callings are the same because God cares about each of our journeys individually and uniquely.

His adventures are about teaching us:

  • To look around
  • To notice what He’s doing
  • To consider what He’s doing
  • To see everything as interesting
  • To observe His voice and movements
  • To journal what He’s teaching
  • To trace the connections back to Him
  • To use all of our senses to the view the world
  • To ask questions
  • To listen to people; listen to Him
  • To share kindness everywhere we go
  • To smile big. Smile often.
  • To find ways to laugh, live, love, learn and share Him with the world

Mostly, His adventures are about drawing us closer to Him as we learn to walk in step with His timing. Adventures with God are always about trust, faith and obedience.

 So what could happen if you decided to go on an adventure with God? Rather than desiring to fly halfway across the world in search of it, what if you got curious about exploring it in your own neighbourhood, your own backyard, but more importantly, your own heart?

What might He reveal to you?
What might you learn about yourself?
What adventure might He lead you on?

I’m betting you’ll not only discover a love of adventure, but you’ll also discover a love for spending time with God as you explore. You’ll love learning amazing things about yourself, about Him, and about what’s happening in your corner of the world. You’ll be surprised to learn you love taking adventures. But mostly, you’ll love recognizing that adventure really can be in your own backyard and in the unlikely places and spaces of your own heart.

But there’s an invitation and RSVP involved.

You have to be willing to accept God’s invitation for adventure and you have to be willing to invite Him to lead and join you along the journey.

“We are not made for the cages we’ve erected around ourselves. We are meant for freedom. Where trees and mountaintops point to the stars and where canyons echo and waters cool and where wind is scrubbed clean by prairie grass. These are the lost places where we go to find God.” —Roger W. Thompson

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