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Why I’ve Chosen To Focus On Authentically Inspiring Others

A few weeks back a good friend of mine challenged his readers to identify a three word mantra to live by in 2014. Identifying mine came naturally as it’s something I’ve been doing the better half of this past year.

Authentically inspire others.

I realize I can’t hang out and go to movies with everyone who reads my blog, but what I can do is write about my experiences in a way that’s authentic; in a way that will make you feel like you’re not alone, and that we’re somehow going through life together.

If I can lead by example, and help a few people along the way, then I know my gifts are being used and that I’m doing the work that God has asked me to do.

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1 Year Commitment To Never Use “Busy” As An Excuse

The last year has been a blur. Living through sickness and death in some close friends, an evolving business, an active 2-year-old, a 4-year-old who talks non-stop, and a wife who has been purposeful in reshaping her career.

Life has taken a toll.

As a result, those close to me have hear a lot about my new friend, “busy.” Daily I use this friend as a crutch.

So my challenge this year is to spend one whole year never using “busy” as an excuse, so I can look carefully at how I walk while making the best use of the time.

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