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He’s supposed to bring something special with him to class on Monday. So I asked:

“Bugz, what item would you like to bring for show n’ share?”
“How ’bout my dinosaur?”, he said, “No wait, I know, I’ll bring my storm troopers! Are those good ideas?”
“Are those things special to you?” I asked.
“What you said, mom?”
(Translation: “What do you mean?”)

I knew none of those things were special to him because I’m the person who has to find his green blankie right before he goes to bed so he can fall asleep. I’m the person who reads him his favourite stories. I’m the person who shops at Costco with a Storm Trooper, Walmart with Iron man, and Target with Spiderman. I’m the person who HAS to make videos for his poppy, and mail coloured Star Wars pictures to his Nana’s.

So I was confused when he didn’t answer: my green blankie, my superhero costumes, my baby book, Pete the cat goes to school.

The problem is that he didn’t think about it. He just blurted out any ol’ answer because they were the first things to pop to his mind. And when I probed, “Why do you want to take that dinosaur?”, he was confused.

After an hour of this conversation, he finally blurted out, “But mOoOoOm, I HAVE to bring a toy because that’s what everybody else does.”

Ah, the heart of the matter.

Let me ask you, “What about Christmas is special to you?” But wait, before you blurt out the same ol’ typical answers that everybody else says: family, friends, turkey, chocolate, gifts, Christmas music, parties, baking, the decorations, etc. Perhaps take a moment to really think. The typical answers are often special indeed, but the question is why? What makes them special to you.

Here are my top five.

1. Picture taking.

The things us adults will do to try and get the kids smiling and looking at the camera makes me bust a gut. Seriously, it cracks me right up.

2. Ornaments.

Chris and I started this tradition 11 years ago where we buy each other an ornament that pertains to some inside joke between the two of us within the past year. Every Christmas morning, when I’m unwrapping my ornament, I get butterflies in anticipation knowing it’s going to be special. Best thing ever.

3. Carol of the Bells.

I love all kinds of Christmas music, and I annoyingly listen on repeat for the whole month of November AND December, but in talking specific, I could listen to Carol of the Bells all day every day. Something about that song moves me. P.S you can imagine how special it was for me to teach my little guy how to play the intro riff on the piano this year. He plays it all the time, and I cannot lie, it warms my heart.

4. Christmas lights.

I could drive around all night if my kids didn’t have to be strapped down in their car seats. I get a rush every time I pull onto a street, or turn into a cul-de-sac, and you can tell that neighbourhood has got the Spirit. The twinkles mesmerize me, and secretly, I wish I lived on one of those streets.

5. Candle-light services.

Without fail, Christmas Eve makes me cry. There’s something so beautiful about people getting together in the true spirit of Christmas. We sing carols, we lights candles and we hear inspiring messages about the real reason for the season. In my opinion, it’s not possible to sing too many Christmas carols, light too many candles, sit too close, or hug too many times. It’s magical.

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.

Luke 2:10


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