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Common Questions & Tips

Let’s face it.  Technology can be frustrating, annoying, confusing, or all of the above.  Check out the links below for some common questions about this website and some of the technology we use.

Most of us aren’t even aware that the fine folks at Facebook have taken it on themselves to decide which posts we’d really like to actually see.  Even though you follow a friend or Page, Facebook ultimately decides if you see their posts or not. The good news is that you can take control and customize your Facebook newsfeed.

How To Customize Your Facebook Feed

Who doesn’t hate unwanted email.  Spam is the worst!  Thankfully most of our email programs have gotten pretty great at filtering, and silently send emails from the Nigerian prince who needs your help to import his millions in diamonds into your junk folder. Thank goodness!

But, sometimes we do miss on emails we want, or specifically asked to get.  Here are some tips on how to make sure emails get through to gmail and some other popular email providers.

Set Your Emails For Safe Delivery

If you’ve purchased an ebook from somewhere other than the Kindle store (like this website!) you may need to get it to your Kindle app or Kindle device.  Thankfully it’s pretty easy.  You just have to authorize your email address and then you can email yourself the .mobi files.  It’s really easy, trust me!   Once the authorization is setup it’s as quick as firing off an email.

How to send an ebook to your Kindle device or Kindle app 

If you have a Kobo or prefer to use the Kobo App on your mobile device, it’s easy to import ebooks you’ve purchased from somewhere like this website.  Just grab the appropriate version and either drag it to your connected Kobo or save to the Kobo App.

How to send an ebook to your Kobo device or Kobo App

Apple makes ebooks a breeze.  If you want to read an ebook you bought from somewhere other than the iTunes store (like this website) it’s a piece of cake.

How to open an ebook in iBooks on your ipad, iphone or Apple device

Got Another Question?

Don’t be shy!  If you need further help, please email