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Collecting Moments – Members Area Guided Tour

If you have a Collecting Moments Season Pass, or are considering purchasing, and have any further questions, please email

The following is meant as a walk through of the Members Area of your season pass, and most sections are only visible to logged in pass holders.

1. Step 1: On, you will see a menu bar with an invitation to sign in (far right corner of the screen). Click that button.

2. Step 2: By clicking “Sign In,” you will be directed to a sign up box. You can either login through Facebook, or with an email and password.

3. Step 3: Once you sign in, you will land on a page I’m calling “Dashboard” where you will be warmly welcomed by my face (lol — that’s awkward to write!). I hope I look friendly, ha!

You will also see in the screenshot that it says, “Welcome back, Cindy” … but that name will obviously be YOUR name once you sign in.

The “Dashboard” is simply a central place where you can control your own email notifications. Note: if you’re ever NOT receiving emails from me, this is the place to check. See blue writing where it says “Currently On.” That’s what you want it to say.

The “Dashboard” also allows you access to all the other categories. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Collecting Moments Member Area — where you are granted access to the perks of your Season Pass (more on this in Step 4).
  • Profile — where you can change your email address.
  • Sign In With Facebook — where you can unlink your Facebook account, or link it if you chose to sign in with an email address before.
  • Downloads — where all your collections, books and other materials are downloaded if you choose to download something.
  • Orders — where your order history is categorized and stored for future reference.
  • Payment Methods — where your purchasing methods are stored.
  • Log Out — where you go when you’re done exploring 🙂

The categories I just mentioned are pretty self-explanatory, but take a few minutes to click buttons and familiarize yourself with the dashboard and the categories.

Now because you’ll spend most of your time in the “Members Area,” let’s spend a little time checking out that section.

Warning, this step is long because there is lots of content in this section for you. Move through this step slowly and as read each step, DO each step, so you can thoroughly know where your content in located.

4. Step 4: Click “Collecting Moments Member Area.” A page will appear with three colored boxes.

The perks of your Season Pass gives you access to these three important categories: the Facebook Group (red box), the Weekly Devotion (orange box), and the Additional Content (yellow box).

A. Click the Facebook Group (red box). Take a few minutes to read this page.

This group is called CK Collective. This page provides a brief description about the group and what you can expect.

Now scroll down. You’ll see an explanation as to how you can join the group—complete with more screenshots so it’s super easy for you to find the group and join.

Once you join, you’ll be part of a specified group where only Season Pass holders gather. I decided to create this group so there could be a more intimate place for conversation and encouragement. In a culture that shares and airs absolutely everything online, I thought it would be a great idea to create a quaint place online where it can a little more private and protected.

Also, once you find this group and are accepted, drop a line to say hi! The group would love to hear from you!

K, now you’re done with the red box. If you scroll back up to the top of the website (see screenshot below), you’ll see a “Go Back” button that takes you back to the page with the three colored boxes.

B. Click the Weekly Devotion (orange box). Take a few minutes to read this page.

This is where all weekly devotions will be stored … BUT … if you signed up for your email notifications to be “On”, you will receive every email to your inbox. Use this page for sharing the devotions you like with your friends.

Click the “Go Back” button and once again you’ll be directed to the page with the three colored boxes.

C. Now click the Additional Content (yellow box). Take a few minutes to read this page.

This is where all your free content will be that is included with your Season Pass: never-before-heard podcast episodes, never-before-seen videos, not-for-public articles, and behind-the-scenes of music, etc.

If you scroll down on this page, you will see your first free book included with the Season Pass membership, “Conversations To Have.” But as more new content is added, you can scroll further and further down the page. So keep checking back!

Conversations To Have” was written with conversations and questions in mind. The whole premise of the book is to gather people together and walk through this 15-week book in a group setting while talking about faith and how it intersects with our circumstances in life. Because why not? It’s free! Have fun with it! I’ve got my own group on the go too!

Now you’re done with this page. Scroll back up to the top and click the “Go Back” button and once again you’ll be directed to the page with the three colored boxes.

Back at the Member Area start … but now … instead of clicking a box … this time scroll down. You will see this …

This is where all 10 collections from the series will be once they are released.

You’ll notice in this screenshot that only collection one has been released and the other two boxes are greyed out. Collection one is clickable and will take you to a page where you can download the book to your “Downloads” section (see step 3). And the greyed out boxes represent that those collections are coming soon.

If you scroll down again you’ll see a help section for any tech problems that may arise during any part of the process.

5. Step 5: You are done! Phew! Or … feel free to keep clicking and checking out everything again. You are also welcome to go to the main website and see all kinds of other free devotions and blog posts that are up on the site.

And I encourage you to invite a friend! Wouldn’t it be fun to journey for a whole year through this entire collection with a group of your friends? If you know of people who would be interested in deepening their faith this year, send them this link:

If you have any further questions email

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