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How to send an ebook to a Kindle device or the Kindle App

If you’ve purchased an ebook from somewhere other than the Kindle store (like this website!) you may need to get it to your Kindle app or Kindle device.  Thankfully it’s pretty easy.  You just have to authorize your email address and then you can email yourself the .mobi files.  It’s really easy, trust me!   Once the authorization is setup it’s as quick as firing off an email.

Step 1 : Authorize your email address

In order to send books to your Kindle account you need to first authorize your email address.  This is the email address you send emails FROM.  This makes sure only you can ever send anything to your Kindle account. You can add as many email addresses as you want, so if you have multiple emails or share a Kindle account with someone else you just need to add each email address.  This is a one time process.  Once complete, sending a book is as easy as sending an email.

First login to your Amazon account.

Click on “Accounts & Lists” menu tab, then select “Manage Your Content & Devices” from the dropdown menu

Click the “Settings” tab

Scroll down to the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” heading.  Click “Add a new approved e-mail address”

In the popup enter your email address, or whatever email address you can send an email and attachment FROM.  Repeat for all email accounts you’d like to authorize.

Step 2 : Find your personal Kindle ‘send to’ email address

Now that you have set things up, you just need to send the file as an attachment from the email address you authorized in step 1 to your personal Kindle ‘send to’ email address.

You can find this from your Amazon account (right above where you authorized your email in Step 1) – OR just look it up in your Kindle App on your mobile device.

Open the Kindle App on your device and tap the hamburger menu in the top right

Tap ‘Settings’

Copy or note the email address shown in the “Send-To-Kindle” area.  You could set it up as a contact in your address book.

Step 3 : Send an email with attachment.  It’s that easy.

Now that you are setup, just send an email to your personal ‘Send-To-Kindle’ email address FROM the email address you have authorized.  No subject, or content is required.  Just send a blank email with the .mobi file attached.  Wait a few minutes and refresh your Kindle App.  Easy!

Here is a link to the official Amazon Send To Kindle Instructions