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His Timing

By September 29, 2016 No Comments

Yesterday I asked a friend how she was doing. She was quite honest in admitting, “Oh you know, when it rains it pours. Life feels like really bad timing right now.”

Which got me thinking about things that are bad timing:

Traffic jams.
Unexpected bills.
Marital struggles.
Job setbacks.
Parenting difficulties.
Family drama.
Health issues.
And seasons of waiting.

Naturally, thinking about bad timing got me thinking about things considered good timing:

Deep laughter.
A great sleep.
A heart at peace.
Quality friendships.
Supportive community.
Maturing faith.
Encouraging words.
Efficiency and productivity.

Which then got me thinking about how our culture divides these categories into two separate ways of living – bad timing that only brings about sadness and worry, or good timing that keeps it all moving along nicely. Therefore, the preferred way to live is to only aim for the good stuff so life timing can be comfortable, easy, controllable, happy and go-lucky.

Bad timing. Good timing. That’s it!

But then along comes faith.
And surrender.
And obedience.
And trust.
And love.
And grace.
And mercy.
And a God that calls us to see and live life differently.

He says, “What about my timing? What this world divides, I unify. I connect, I join, I bridge, I marry, and I redeem your circumstances by helping you to experience the good IN the bad.”

See how that works?

There’s bad timing, good timing, or God timing.


A traffic jam can bring about deep laughter.
An unexpected bill can still host a heart of peace.
A marital struggle can rally supportive community.
A job setback can enrich your faith.
An encouraging word can come in the midst of a parenting difficulty.
A health issue can bring about a quality friendship.

And seasons of waiting can still feel efficient and productive because our assurance, confidence and rest are not found in anything else but His timing.

This gives a whole new perspective to Mark 10:9, doesn’t it?

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

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