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The Paradoxical Commandments

By February 24, 2017 No Comments
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This podcast episode ponders the question: what does it mean to plant seeds in your life?

The everyday wear and tear of day-to-day monotony can take a toll. It’s easy to see our daily tasks as nothing more than dutiful responsibilities, but what if we saw them as more? What if, rather than seeing our lives filled with chores, we saw them filled with opportunity to plant seeds – hundreds of thousands of little seeds?

Inspired by an author named Kent Keith and his Paradoxical Commandments, we are challenged to see seed planting take on a whole new meaning when we hear about how the seeds he planted in 1968 spread all around the world without him even knowing the impact his life was making.

Because that’s just it.

You may never know the harvest that arises from the seeds you plant, but plant seeds anyway.

“Lord God, extend our faith so that even when we fail to see the fruit of our planted seeds, we may have the assurance that every inch of soil overturned will lead to a harvest someday.” –Shane Claiborne

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