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What Kind Of Me Does He Want For His Mission

We ask, “Where does God fit into the story of my life?” – when the real question should be, “Where does my little life fit into the great story of God’s mission?”

We want to be driven by a purpose that has been tailored just right for our own individual lives, when we should be seeing the purpose of all life, including our own, wrapped up in the great mission of God for the whole of creation.

I may wonder what kind of mission God has for me, when I should be asking what kind of me God wants for His mission.


This is a quote my husband and I recently read in a book we’re reading together. It hit us hard and it hit us deep.

It 100% challenged me to think about the way I live and pray.

I’m so guilty for praying prayers that cater more to my comfort and preferences than what God truly desires.

For example, I want Him to help me be a better parent. But in all honesty, I’m subconsciously praying He’ll make parenting easier instead of praying He’ll change me to be who He wants so I parent how He wants me to parent.

And it continues.

If I took time to confront the state of my own soul, I can find a lot of ugly truth.

My desire for comfort, ease and quick solutions, bleed into every area of my life.

I pray for job opportunities… friendships… connections… answers… clarity… and difficult life circumstances to unfold in a way that’s best for me.

I pray prayers focused on outcomes and solutions and agendas that work in my favor when what I should be praying is that God would radically change my perspective to live how He wants me to live.

Easier said than done, right?

The above sentence tugs at my heart in such a deep way. I pray it does for you too.

 You may wonder what kind of mission God has for you. But perhaps you should be wondering what kind of you God wants for His mission.

What kind of parent does He want you to be?

What kind of marriage?
What kind of employer?
What kind of friend?
What kind of sibling?
What kind of citizen?

What does He want for your season of retirement?

Or your season of waiting…
Or your season of transition…
Or your season of new beginning…

It’s easy to pray prayers that cater to our decisions and plans, but do we take time to truly ask Him what He wants?

How beautifully Jesus reminds us:

“Father, remove this cup from me. But please, not what I want. What do you want?” Luke 22:42 (MSG)

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