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Humble Thanks

By January 30, 2017 No Comments

O Thou who wast, and art, and art to come, I thank Thee that this Christian way whereon I walk is no untried or uncharted road, but a road beaten hard by the footsteps of saints, apostles, prophets, and martyrs.

I thank Thee for the finger-posts and danger-signals with which it is marked at every turning and which may be known to me through the study of the Bible, and of all history, and of all the great literature of the world.

Beyond all, I give Thee devout and humble thanks for the great gift of Jesus Christ, the pioneer of our faith.

I praise Thee that Thou hast caused me to be born in an age and in a land which have known His name, and that I am not called upon to face any temptation or trail which He did not first endure. Amen.

“A Diary of Private Prayer” by John Baillie

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