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Conversation With A Friend ft. Sarah Marriott

By January 20, 2017 No Comments
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Every Tuesday I meet with a group of people to discuss books, articles, scripture, and real life circumstances in an attempt to make sense of life and faith together. We call our Tuesday’s, “The Table,” because we do exactly that – we sit around a big square table and talk about anything and everything together.

Last Tuesday, in conversation with a friend, Sarah mentioned that 2016 was an extremely hard year for her. I asked Sarah if I might record some of what we talked about because I felt this little prompting to share it with all of you. Something about the nudge told me it’s exactly what some of you need to hear.

Sarah agreed.

So that’s what today’s devotional is. It’s a 9-minute audio conversation with my friend, Sarah and myself.

*Note* – at the end of the recording, Sarah shares what approach to scripture reading she took last year that greatly helped her through the struggles. It’s a cool approach to the gospels that I had never considered before. Perhaps you’ll find the suggestion helpful.

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