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Collecting Moments Weekly

The Trade-Off Of Each Moment

By August 15, 2018 No Comments

Lose your temper,
Breath deep.

Defend your case,
Listen to people.

Live life for God,
Live life for culture.

Fight for control,

Search for certainty,
Seek out adventure.

Feel safe and secure,
Embrace faith.

Believe God is good,
Believe God is uninterested in your life.

Serve other people,
Do what’s best for you.

Practice gratitude,
Live ungratefully.

See light,
See dark.

Live with hope,
Hold on to frustrations.

Seek community,
Stay in isolation.

Live predictably,
Live curiously.

Half full,
Half empty.

Keep getting better,
Keep getting bitter.

Within each moment we are given choices, opportunities and trade-offs … the question is, which way will you lean? What trade-offs are you willing to make?




Do it.


Remember …

Some things need to be denied in order for other things to be gained.

Some things need to be lost in order for other things to be found.

Some things need to die in order for other things to live.

There is a trade-off in each moment,
But the trade-off is yours to own.

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