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Collecting Moments Weekly

This Moment Is Enough: An Open Letter To My Heart

By June 5, 2018 No Comments

Dear Cindy,

When you wake up in the morning and tell yourself there are a million things to handle, listen to Him say, “Who says? Who decided?”

This moment is enough.

When you lay your head down at night, exhausted from a long day of juggling, ask Him to remind you that tomorrow’s a new day. There’s new hope. New mercy. New grace. New joy. New love.

This moment is enough.

When you discipline your children and the only words running through your mind are, “You’re failing. You’re getting it wrong. You’re doing a bad job.” Ask Him to replace your “truth” with real truth.

This moment is enough.

When you’re arguing with your husband and feeling overwhelmed by the pressures, the responsibility, and the stresses of everyday life … tell Him how you feel. Out loud. Openly. Honestly. Whole-heartedly. Tell Him you need Him, desperately, deeply, and tell Him why.

This moment is enough.

When you look out your window and see your neighbours, and this rising sense of guilt washes over you for not helping them more, be gracious with yourself and pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Then pray some more, because prayer IS doing something.

This moment is enough.

When you say no to a volunteer request, when you respond to an email with, “I’m sorry I can’t right now,” when you discuss as a family that it’s not possible to do everything, lift your eyes to heaven and see Him smiling down upon you as He draws your life into greater places of Sabbath and rest. It’s okay to stop.

This moment is enough.

When you show up to church on Sunday morning weary, burdened, tense with struggle over everything that has unfolded throughout your week, allow Him to hug you with His presence as you sing, “You’re a good good Father.”

This moment is enough.

When you struggle to make sense of life, when you’re frustrated with friends, discouraged by your job, mad about the budget, annoyed by the laundry, the groceries, the chores, the lunch-making and the dinner-planning, own it. Don’t stuff it down. Talk it through. Let it out. Then feel the freedom of the moment because you have someone with big shoulders that you can dump on.

This moment is enough.

And when He sends someone to encourage you, to love you, to help you, to support you, to walk alongside you, notice them. Notice Him through them. Open your heart. Allow them in. Allow Him to move through them.

This moment is enough.

You don’t have to have it all figured out.
You don’t need to pretend to have it all together.
You don’t have to handle life on your own.
You don’t need to act tough, strong or brave.
You don’t have to say all the right answers.

Even with all of life’s flaws and failures, each moment is enough.

So don’t get caught up with who you think you should be … or who you want to be … or who you’d rather be … or who you could be …

Be who you are.
Be in the moment.
Be in THIS moment.

You are enough.
Your life is enough.
Your journey is enough.

And this moment is enough because He is enough.

P.S Read this every moment if need be, until you get it.

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