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Collecting Moments Weekly

The Holy Moments

By April 20, 2018 No Comments

Holy is the dish and drain
The soap and sink
The cup and plate

And the warm wool socks
And the cold white tile
Showerheads and good dry towels

And frying eggs sound like psalms
With a bit of salt
Measured in my palm

It’s all a part
Of a sacrament
As holy as a day is spent

Holy is the busy street
And cars that boom
With passion’s beat

And the check out girl,
Counting change
And the hands that shook my hands today

Hymns of geese fly overhead
And stretch their wings
Like their parents did

Blessed be the dog
That runs in her sleep
The catch that wild and elusive thing

Holy is a familiar room
And the quiet moments
In the afternoon

And folding sheets
Like folding hands
To pray as only laundry can

I’m letting go of all I fear
Like autumn leaves
Of earth and air

For summer came
And summer went
As holy as a day is spent

To give whatever small good I can
The empty page, the open book
Redemption everywhere I look

We slow our pace
In the shade of unexpected grace

With grateful smiles
And sad lament
As holy as a day is spent

And morning light sings
As holy as a day is spent

“Holy As The Day Is Spent”
by Carrie Newcomer

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