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You Need Only To Be Still

By April 27, 2016 No Comments

The other night I was reading my boys a story from their “Jesus Storybook Bible” and we stumbled upon the story of Joshua leading the people of Israel around Jericho. Personally I’ve heard this story preached so many times (especially recently) that it’s easy to skim over important details simply due to monotony. I found myself reading the story without even “reading” the story. And that’s when I felt this gentle prompting stir my heart, “You might want to read that paragraph again.”

The cool thing about God is, when He wants us to truly hear something important, He’ll use a plethora of unlikely ways to speak – like a good ol’ kid book with a message in it’s most simplest form.

Today’s devotional is straight out of a kid’s story bible. Why? Because sometimes child-like messages are exactly the kind of messages we adults need to hear in order to really “get it.”

Then God made his people a promise. “I will always be with you. And I will never, ever leave you. If you do what I say, your lives in the new land will be happy and everything will go well.” So Joshua gathered his army together. They had their swords and spears and shields. They were ready to fight. But the plan wasn’t about fighting; it was about trusting and doing what God said. Joshua’s army went marching, marching, marching around the city. “They’re too scared to fight” the people in Jericho said. But God’s people weren’t scared – they were waiting. Waiting for God to tell them what to do next. So it was that God’s people entered their new home. And they didn’t have to fight to get in – they only had to walk.

I pray you have a peaceful day today simply walking in His presence, and remember: don’t fight to live in your strength. Live in His.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” -Exodus 14:14

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