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Wear Your Pearls

By July 5, 2016 No Comments

“When life causes irritation, you can let it develop into an infection or you can allow it to become a pearl.” -Unknown

It’s no secret that life has its share of irritants. Life is busy and pressure-filled with situations that test our limits, push us to the edges of our comfort zones, and turn on the uncomfortable heat of change when we’d prefer to stay cozy in simplicity and control.

But if everything were ideal all the time, how would pearls take form? A pearl starts out as one small irritant that gets worked over by a process of dedication. Slowly, over time, this irritant gets refinished, glossed over and covered up, and through steadfast commitment and daily hard work, it blossoms into something beautiful and valuable. It becomes a lesson that everyone wants to wear. How clever! – to work your irritant and display the value of the lesson you earned and learned. Wear your pearls!

“He does not test you to show you how dumb, insincere and sinful you are. He tests you to show you that you can do this, and when you do, your inner freedom will increase. Don’t be afraid of God’s testing. As soon as you let Him know that you want to take this step, He will allow you to enter into the discipline of this new way of thinking.” -Emerson Eggerichs

Then Jesus said:

“If you continue in my words, then you are truly disciples of mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” -John 8:31-32

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