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Do Unto Others

By January 10, 2017 No Comments

I’ve been teaching my boys lately about the importance of thinking about their actions.

As brothers, they have a tendency to punch each other in the face as an “effective” way of handling things. Or as my eldest likes to point out,”MoOoOoOm, we’re just playing around.” Meanwhile, his brother is crying his eyes out and leaking blood all over my carpet. Ya. Real effective.

To combat this bro-hood brawling, I thought it would be wise to enlist the help of my good buddy Luke – as in 6:31 – so we started memorizing:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

For a little while this seemed to be working. Every time they “play” wrestled, we’d talk about what it means to “Do unto others.” Every time they ignored me (which is, sweet Lord, way more than my patience can handle) we’d talk about what “Do unto others” looks like in that moment.

This three-worded catch phrase became a family inside thing…. until… the morning rush rolls around and I raise my voice at them. *Backfire* “Do unto others, mommy.”

Or I cut someone off in traffic, “Would you want that man to do that to you?”

Or I use the word hate. Side note: why do people take up TWO parking spots in a crowded parking lot? I digress.

“Do unto others” takes on a whole new meaning when we’re dealing with our kids, our husband, our mother-in-law, our daughter-in-law, our loud neighbors, our inconsiderate boss and our self-centered friend. What does the golden rule look like then?

In my experience, I can tell you it feels an awful lot like eating a burnt and tasteless humble casserole: hard to swallow.

Point is, today is Tuesday. It’s not just another day to live for your own pleasure, fulfillment and enjoyment with no thought, care or concern for the people you come in contact with. Today is an opportunity to ask yourself:

How can I work by example?
How can I set a new precedence?
How can I change the atmosphere around me?

Mostly, how can I live so that I’m treating other people exactly how I want to be treated?

Be the first to “Do unto others,” and watch, in anticipation, at how Christ turns your world around in reciprocation to do unto you.

Now go. Make your Tuesday awesome. And do unto others.

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