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All Things Work Together For Good

By August 2, 2016 No Comments

While scrolling through Facebook a while ago I came across a post a dear friend of mine had written. To the average reader they would have read it and thought, “What an encouraging post.” But for those who know her story, well, her perspective is rather remarkable considering when she wrote it; my dear friend was dying of cancer.

She has four grown children, six beautiful grandchildren, and had been given, at the time, a month to live.

Since then, Adeline has past away. But her inspiring perspective rings true through each word she has written.

I share her thoughts with you today as a way for each of us to remember that God really does work all things together for good. Sometimes life may not feel like it, and it may be extremely hard to believe this amidst confusion and uncertainty, but despite our feelings, this is in fact truth.

Adeline is the epitome of this truth and when we can’t find the strength to stand upon our own faith, we can stand upon Adeline’s who held steadfast to the very end.

ALL – the worst, bad, crazy, really ugly, absolutely ridiculous, definitely insane, unthinkable madness, no sense at all.

THINGS – that hurst us, wound deeply, confuse, kill, destroy, alienate, numb, devastate beyond grasp.

WORK – somehow unravel, turn around, reconfigure, magically transition, without time constraint, faithful labor without worry of outcome, function according to a prescribed higher operation.

TOGETHER – for a purpose, interlinking, weaving parts, a circular effect, a sense of belonging, safety huddles, shattered wholeness.

FOR – not against, not maybe, not if I slave and manipulate, not because, not BUT, not perhaps, moving head and surrendering expectations.

GOOD – an end result of advantage, unexpected comfort, the best of the most terrible situation, the opposite of disaster, when we are at peace, smiling through our tears, surprise happy endings but not our agenda.

Ok God, thanks for the power chat.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” -Romans 8:28

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