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Truth To Hear


By November 13, 2015 No Comments

“It is important to look back on our lives and realize that God’s fingerprints are all over them and see the ways that God has rescued and redeemed us time and time again.”Ben Maxson

I went to a retreat this past weekend where I found myself engaged in a delightful conversation with a girl named Alissa.

She and I (along with a few other ladies at the table) were talking about life and how challenging and monotonous day-to-day life can be. I mentioned how my husband and I watch old videos and look at old photos on especially difficult days because it’s all too easy to forget to look back and appreciate how far we’ve come.

Alissa said something that hit me hard and hit me deep.

“I think that’s why the Lord always told the Israelites to stop and resurrect an altar or a stone monument. It was His way of saying, ‘Here, build this, so you remember. Do this, so you remember. Talk about it with your children, so you remember.’”

How profound.

Feeling hopeless? Remember the miracles.
Feeling confused? Remember the answered prayers.
Feeling sad? Remember Who He is.


The people crossed the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month. Then they camped at Gilgal, just east of Jericho. It was there at Gilgal that Joshua piled up the twelve stones taken from the Jordan River. Then Joshua said to the Israelites, “In the future your children will ask, ‘What do these stones mean?’ Then you can tell them, ‘This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’ -Joshua 4:19-22

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