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Prayers To Pray

Make Me Wise, Oh Lord

By February 17, 2016 No Comments

Sometimes our quiet time need not be complicated.

Sometimes a simple prayer is enough.

Sometimes a few moments of quiet reflection… a few moments of prayerful meditation… and a few moments of reverent surrender are all it takes to be in that peaceful place with Him.

Dear heavenly Father, I seek Your wisdom.

Let me understand that the heart of wisdom is found when I rest only in You.

Let me draw upon all my experience, all my knowledge, and then cast it all aside, looking only for You and only for the mercy of Your beloved Son.

Let me hear Your Word, let me obey Your Word, in fear of The Lord.

In my weakness before You, only there will I find the wisdom of Christ, since He is strong where I am weak.

Make me wise, Oh Lord, by making me simple, by making me humble, by filling me with mercy, like Jesus, in whom all the wisdom of the universe is found.

In Christ’s name, amen.

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