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Prayers To Pray

Let Me Leave Behind

By June 6, 2016 No Comments

O Thou most wise, most great, most holy, in wisdom and power and tender mercy Thou didst create me in Thine own image. Thou hast given me this life to live, Thou hast appointed my lot and determined the bounds of my habitation, Thou hast surrounded me with gracious and beneficent influences, Thou hast written Thy law within my heart.

And in my heart’s most secret chamber Thou art now waiting to meet and speak with me, freely offering me Thy fellowship in spite of all my sinning.

Let me now avail myself of this open road and to peace of mind.

Let me approach Thy presence humbly and reverently.

Let me carry with me the spirit of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

Let me leave behind me all fretfulness, all unworthy desires, all thoughts of malice towards my fellow men, all hesitancy in surrendering my will to Thine.

“A Diary of Private Prayer”by John Baillie

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