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“If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place.”

Talk about a mic drop.

I think of persecuted Christians in other parts of the world and shutter to think how North American Christians would respond if we were imprisoned, beaten and even tortured for our faith (and I’m looking at myself in the mirror as I ponder that).

I’m inspired by Dietrich Bonhoeffer who wrote countless books about the importance of faith and community from prison, but could I endure in the same way?

I’m humbled by Mother Teresa who faithfully served the needs of the destitute and dying voluntarily and for decades, but could I serve in the same selfless way?

Truth be told, I fall apart for far less “crisis”: red lights, Costco line-ups, traffic jams, disrespectful kids, economic predictions, unexpected expenses, family drama, laundry, the list goes on…

These things get the better of me more often than I care to admit.

And then there’s this little white lie I keep telling myself that says, when everything is fine, that’s who I am. It’s my circumstances that make me crazy. It’s my kids that draw out my anger. It’s my family that pushes my buttons.

Interestingly enough, Proverbs 24:10 doesn’t start out with “when” you fall to pieces – to imply that falling apart is perfectly normal and expected. No, it says “IF” you fall to pieces – meaning, it’s a choice.

Talk about a gut punch AND a mic drop.

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