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May Our Hearts Become Quiet

By May 31, 2016 No Comments

When people send me anything meaningful, like an email, a card, an FB message, a text, or even a spoken word that I later write down – whatever it may be – I always place it in my devotional journal. This has been a habit of mine for years, and whenever I wake up to a day that’s discouraging, I read through all my printables to remind myself that, despite how I feel, I am never alone, I have not been forgotten, I do matter, people DO care, and tomorrow the sun will shine.

I had one of those days last week. I’m talkin’ blah. I woke up and the day was grey – literally. The weather was calling for drizzle and I had had a twisty sleep. But I knew exactly what to do. I crawled out of bed, pulled out my journal and flipped to a random page.

Here’s what I stumbled upon – something a friend sent me November of last year:

“Lord our God, help us find the path that we many walk with confidence because you are our Father. Banish all thoughts that try to depress us. Let your Spirit drive them away. May our hearts become quiet before you, because you, the Almighty, guide everything for man’s good on earth. Everything will lead to thanksgiving, to your praise and glory. Be with us at all times, day and night. May our hearts always exult afresh, rejoicing in you, our God and our Savior. Amen.”

Done. That was all I needed.

May her prayer be exactly what YOU need today.

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