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How To Get A Fire Going

By February 2, 2017 No Comments

A few weeks ago my family and I set out on a wilderness adventure. We headed to the mountains for a winter hike and bonfire so we could spend quality time together and *here’s the real truth* eat s’mores!

While Chris assembled the fire, he sent us little servants out on wood finding duty with these specific instructions:

“Find dry twigs. The drier the better. When something is really dead it ignites so much easier. That’s how you really get a fire going.”

As I hiked through the snow in search of twigs, Chris’s words kept floating through my mind. My theme word for this year is ignite, so I guess you could say he “sparked” a train of thought and the Holy Spirit “fanned it to flame.” Lol.

But is this not exactly how Christ calls us to live?

It’s in the dying of ourselves that we allow the fire of His Spirit to ignite.

It’s in the laying down of our strength that allows His strength to illuminate.

It’s in the desert seasons of our souls that make way for His fire to spark to set our lives ablaze.

Chris was right.

As I watched him assemble a dozen dead pieces of twigs into a teepee style pile, I also witnessed beautiful combustion as our fire lit up the mountain. The deadness of those twigs served to create something so beautiful, warm and inviting.

This too is what the Holy Spirit desires to do in and through each of us – to ignite, kindle, trigger, spark, stir up, incite, fuel and burst our lives into flames.

But the question is: are we really willing to die to ourselves and lay ourselves down?

Imagine the kind of fire that could result in your life if you were willing to let go and invite Him to ignite something new.

“When something is really dead it ignites so much easier. That’s how you really get a fire going.”

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