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Dear Moments

By September 9, 2016 No Comments

You’ll never believe it.
The coolest thing happened.

A couple of weeks ago my son and I were hanging out in our living room when this beautiful deer darted across our front lawn. We gasped in excitement, bolted to the window, and watched in amazement as this fascinating creature sniffed around our shrubs looking for food.

With my ever-so-sneaky-ninja-skills (not really, my husband said I sounded like a bull in a china shop), I tip toed (or so I thought) to our fridge, grabbed an apple, quietly opened our front door and rolled the goods across our lawn. Only, my aim is horrendous, so it caught the edge of our driveway and rolled onto the street.

But it caught his attention none-the-less.

His ears perked up, his head darted in all directions, he cautiously jumped over our shrubs and he sniffed his way straight to that apple.


But then this other fascinating thing happened.

This lady, out for her daily run, went jogging right past our house while this beautiful creature stood directly to her left watching her pass by.

 My son and I were shouting through the window, “Look up! Look beside you! You’re missing it!”


Her head was down.
Her eyes were fixed.
Her mind was obviously elsewhere.

All her energy was geared to her moment, her responsibility, her task and as a result, she missed him.

I guess you could say she missed a very ‘deer’ moment. Lol. *groan*

Here’s my question:

 Do we not do the same?

Life has us “running” at full speed. Everyday we are bombarded with responsibilities, tasks and duties that cause us to easily forget to look up, glance around, take a breather, pause, appreciate, enjoy, listen, think, rest, relax and be grateful. And how often, while out for our daily runs, do we jog right on past amazing God moments while He watches us pass by?

Water coming from the tap.

When was the last time you acknowledged such a gift?

The morning school/work rush.

When was the last time you were grateful to have a job and that your kids are being given education?

Bills to pay = money in the bank.
House maintenance = a roof over your head.
Dirty laundry = clothes in your closet.
Family drama = people who care enough to fight for you.
Volunteer responsibilities = opportunities to make a difference in this world.

We easily get so distracted going here, there and everywhere, that without even realizing it, we are actually running straight through life with our heads down, our eyes fixed on the wrong things, and our minds obviously elsewhere.

We need to continuously readjust our focus on Him, use our daily responsibilities for Him, and dedicate our life moments to Him. Why?

So we stop missing such dear moments.

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.” Jeremiah 29:13

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