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Truth To Hear

I Choose Mystery

By October 20, 2016 No Comments

You don’t have to have everything figured out.

Having a scripted answer is not what it’s all about.

Performing life in perfect fashion hinders one from wrestling with the messy.

A belief in happily-ever-after discourages exploration and adventure.

There’s certainty where life is lived in the comforts of one’s own strength, or there’s uncertainty where faith and the supernatural collide… where Christ’s strength is made perfect through our weakness… and where mystery abounds.

I choose mystery.

How ’bout you?

“Do you think you can explain the mystery of God? Do you think you can diagram God Almighty? God is far higher than you can imagine, far deeper than you can comprehend, stretching farther than earth’s horizons, far wider than the endless ocean.” Job 11:7-8 (MSG)

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