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Gripped ft. Bob Roxburgh

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Today’s podcast episode is a candid conversation with Bob Roxburgh – pastor, preacher, professor, academic, theologian and all around down-to-earth guy.

Based on 50 years of ministry and a life gripped by Jesus, he shares his wisdom on the church, today’s culture and the importance of living in missional community.

“We belong to the Kingdom of God, and only until that really grips us can we cope with the kingdom of this world.”

Thoughts From Today’s Episode:

  • Can anything really grip us when we’re bombarded with information and distracted by so many influences?
  • It takes a real conscious effort to simplify what is cluttering our faith in order to allow our hearts to be gripped by the Holy Spirit.
  • Do we create space for our hearts to be gripped by the Kingdom?
  • We need to belong to groups of people who are on a journey of living out the Kingdom of God.
  • In this culture that is so non-stop and busy, what does discipleship look like and what does community look like?
  • A big need in our church is people coming to a deep understanding of the nature of God.
  • There’s no formula for doing community or church, but there is a need to understand the Kingdom and the ways of Jesus.

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