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Hope & Grit ft. Heidi McLaughlin

By March 17, 2017 No Comments
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Joining the podcast today is international speaker and author, Heidi McLaughlin – a widow, mom, step-mom and grandmother. Heidi shares candidly about community and what it looks like to have hope and grit when you’re faced with life’s worst-case scenarios.

Not only did Heidi survive the death of her first husband 22 years ago, but she is currently working through and grieving the death of her second husband, Jack, who dropped dead in her kitchen while standing right beside her only a few short months ago.

What does community look like in the valleys of our darkest moments? What does it mean to approach hope with grit and determination? And, in a culture that prides itself on independence, how can we truly be the body of Christ?

“We have to believe that it is important to stay connected. Until we actually begin to understand this in our minds and hearts, we won’t make time for relationships.” –Heidi McLaughlin

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