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Don’t Get Lost In The Mundane Moments

By May 16, 2018 No Comments

Sometimes life is blah.

It’s not bad or wrong; it’s just blah because it’s monotonous … dull … tedious … humdrum … boring and mundane.

Interestingly enough, I’ve come to really enjoy the mundane moments of life.

The mundane moments are when Moses learned how to be a true leader.
The mundane moments are when Joseph learned how to be an interpreter of dreams.
The mundane moments are when David learned how to trust in God steadfastly.

Are the mundane moments difficult to slug through? Of course! No normal human being would contest they aren’t.

But the mundane moments are also filled with incredible opportunity to lean into discipline, to retrain your thoughts, to pray with deeper conviction, to rest, to think, to embrace work ethic, to challenge yourself, to be still, to push the limits of your focus and tenacity, to emotionally connect with steadfastness and to truly understand what it means to endure.

It’s easy to lose sight of these opportunities because we live in a culture that tries (very hard) every day to make us believe that life is more “fun” when it’s busy, active, and always on the go … and that “fun” and “happiness” is what our lives should always be feeling … and that we only have purpose and significance when we’re “doing” something rather than “being” someone.

If these are our thoughts and beliefs when the mundane moments hit, then yes, these moments will feel monotonous … dull … tedious … humdrum and boring because there’s no vision in the moment.

Or …

The mundane moments can be this: beautiful, powerful and necessary because these are the moments we learn, see, feel and understand true contentment by allowing God to remind us that the ordinary, non-glamorous, non-achieving, non-striving, non-busy and the non-active moments — a.k.a the mundane — are still valuable because we are enough without the hustle.

We still have purpose.
We matter.
We are seen.
We are known.
We are understood.
We are valued.
We are loved.

And our identity has nothing to do with who we think we need to be and everything to do with who we are, right here, right now, in this moment – this ordinary, imperfect, insignificant and seemingly mundane moment.

So don’t get lost.
Keep your perspective.
Hold on to vision.

Remind yourself of what is good, true, noble, authentic, compelling, gracious and kind.

Think about what’s best, not what’s worst.
Think about what’s beautiful, not what’s ugly.
Think about what’s meaningful, not what’s mundane.

Because the mundane moments are simply disguised opportunities to remember what truly matters in life.

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