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Do You See Him?

He Is Everywhere, In Everything, In Everyone

Through a collection of stories and scripture challenging you to see God in the everyday moments of your life, Eyes Wide Open is an invitation to discover how, when and where, you can experience Him in the most unlikely of places, at the most unlikely of times and through the unlikeliest of people.

Table Of Contents

Moments of Ordinary
Chapter 1: Add A Little Extra

Moments of Stress
Chapter 2: Hold On To Hope

Moments of Play
Chapter 3: Step, Stop, Then Sit

Moments of Noise
Chapter 4: Identify The Voice

Moments of Gratitude
Chapter 5: Say Thank You

Moments of New Beginning
Chapter 6: See The Genesis Story

Moments of Interruption
Chapter 7: Embrace The Opportunity

Moments of Need
Chapter 8: Plant A Crazy Amount

Moments of Weakness
Chapter 9: Think 300, Not 32,000

Moments of Uncertainty
Chapter 10: Remember The Bigger Picture


Moments of Faith
Chapter 11: Anticipate The New You

Moments of Busyness
Chapter 12: Don’t Lose Sight of Jesus

Moments of Choice
Chapter 13: Think About Your Home

Moments of Struggle
Chapter 14: Ask For Help

Moments of Warning
Chapter 15: Let Them Pass

Moments of Frustration
Chapter 16: Be The Encouragement

Moments of Anger
Chapter 17: Let Go And Trust It’ll Be Worth It

Moments of Questioning
Chapter 18: Don’t Get Your Directions Mixed Up

Moments of Confrontation
Chapter 19: Rewrite Your Truth

Moments of Failure
Chapter 20: Believe There’s A Foundation Forming

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